Zentools and Link A in Joomla 3

Zentools offers numerous options for organising and displaying Joomla content, including galleries, slideshows, accordions and a lot more. In this tutorial a combination of a Zentools grid and Joomla's Link A functionality is used to display content.

Using Joomla's Link A in a Zentools module means that when the module is clicked, you are directed to a different page from the original content source.

This provides an excellent way of linking to pages that normally can't display content in a Zentools module.

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Using External Links and a Directory

Zentools for Joomla is a flexible, responsive and multi purpose extension that offers the ability to display content in many different ways from slide shows, carousels, grids, accordions, lists and many more.

In this tutorial a Zentools slide show is created using a directory (folder) of images. The images are then linked to web pages using the Zentools external link function.

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Zentools link options


Zentools has a number of different options when it comes to determining the behaviour of links when displayed in a zentools item. The type of link behaviours can depend on the version of Joomla you are using as well as the content source.

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K2 as a content source

The Zentools module provides full control over your Joomla content.

When Joomla is selected as the content source the module dynamically populates the administrator interface with settings that are only relevant to using Joomla as a content source in the module.

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