Zentools offers numerous options for organising and displaying Joomla content, including galleries, slideshows, accordions and a lot more. In this tutorial a combination of a Zentools grid and Joomla's Link A functionality is used to display content.

Using Joomla's Link A in a Zentools module means that when the module is clicked, you are directed to a different page from the original content source.

This provides an excellent way of linking to pages that normally can't display content in a Zentools module.

Setting up the content in Joomla

The first step is to create a series of Joomla articles that will be used in Zentools – the content in these articles will only be displayed via the Zentools module. Images and text content are required for this tutorial and these are added in the picture below:-

linkA article creation

Adding the Link A to articles

In the Images and Links section of each article add the link that the article will redirect to – this can be any link but the links must be a full url including http://

Adding linkA to article

Creating the Zentools module

In module manager click new and chose Zentools from the list of modules.

Configuring the Zentools module

In configuring a Zentools module navigate the tabs in the order left to right, as once options are selected new option tabs will appear.

General Tab

For this tutorial we are using the following settings:

1. Choose “Grid” for the Layout Type.

2. For the “Content” source chose Content.

3. The count setting for this tutorial is set to 3 (we are using 3 articles from one category in this tutorial).

4. Link Behaviour needs to be set as Link A (the setting we added to the articles Image and Links section).

zentools general tab settings

Drag and Drop

For the drag and drop section we are creating a two column layout grid with a title, text, more, column2 and image.

Column layout

When choosing to use columns in the drag and drop section, the column widths need to be configured as illustrated below:-

zentool column settings

Content Type settings

The articles previously created are selected by choosing their category.

content type settings

Grid layout

For this example we are using one image per row.

Other settings

The other module settings are matter of personal preference.

Front end of the website

Now that you have set the module up and published it, check the front end of the site. The tutorial example is as follows:-

Front end of_site

Using Link A ensures that when the title, image or more is clicked the page uses the redirect urls to load those pages.


This tutorial was requested by a Joomla Bamboo member. If you have any tutorial requests, please let us know either by the forum, a ticket or email and we will do our best to include them.

Thanks for reading.

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