The Zentools module provides full control over your Joomla content.

When Joomla is selected as the content source the module dynamically populates the administrator interface with settings that are only relevant to using Joomla as a content source in the module.


Layout tags available when using the K2 content option


K2 Content Options

In addition to the standard options that you will also find in the Joomla content options, K2 has a number of extra features. 


K2 Category Options

When categories are chosen as a content source a list of available categories are displayed.


K2 Items options

When the items are selected as a content source a list of available K2 items is displayed.


Display video instead of image

This feature is unique to the K2 content source option and allows you to mix content items that have either an image or a video into the same layout. If this option is enabled and the k2 item has it's media field populated the module will replace the image for the item with the video.

Example of the list layout using this option 

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