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Responsive SlideshowA flexible and feature rich responsive slideshow, with multiple themes, transitions, content sources and configurations.


The Zentools grid layout is a classic multi-column responsive grid that positions your content into horizontal rows of content. The grid layout also comes with the added feature of being able to filter your content based on the categories used in the module.


The Zentools carousel is a responsive carousel that scales to suit the width of your page. You can create any number of types of carousels using images, item text, titles and more.


The Zentools list layout is a multi-column vertical list that can be used to display your Joomla or K2 content. It also comes with the added benefit of being able to filter items in the layout based on their individual categories.


Zentools AccordionThe Zentools accordion layout displays your content in a simple no fuss vertical accordion. The accordion uses the title of the item to trigger the opening of the accordion which then reveals the rest of the content item in the accordion body.

Leading item then list

This layout displays the first item with all of it's associated tags (eg image, title, text etc) and then the rest of the items in the moduel below it in a list format.


The Zentools pagination layout is displays your content in a paginated row layout similar to the carousel and grid functions.

Single item gallery

Single Item GalleryThe Zentools Single Item Gallery layout is a simple layout that displays the first item in the module and when clicked the rest of the items are displayed in a lightbox. This layout can be useful for displaying multi-image galleries from a single link.

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