Readmore settings

Read more text

The exact text to be used in the read more button. It is possible to use syntax for the JB Type plugin here to render the more button as an icon.

Use btn class?

When enabled the readmore button is given the class .btn.btn-primary which is the primary class used by Joomlabamboo templates and most bootstrap based themes.

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Lightbox Settings

It is possible to display the destination of any link in the Zentools module in a lightbox that sits above the page. The lightbox used in the Zentools module is responsive and will scale according to the dimensions of the device the site is being viewed on.

The settings below are only relevant if the content source selected above is either Joomla or K2. If you have selected directory as a source then the image will be shown in the lightbox and the width and other options will not apply.

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Title Settings

Title Tag

This setting determines the heading tag placed around the titles of the content items in the module.

You can select any valid html markup for this option.

eg h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p


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Filter Options

Category Filter

When enabled a menu is dynamically populated at the top of the module which uses the categories for the items displayed in the module as a filterable menu system. When a category title is clicked then only items that are a part of that category are shown.

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