Zentools has a number of different options when it comes to determining the behaviour of links when displayed in a zentools item. The type of link behaviours can depend on the version of Joomla you are using as well as the content source.

zentools content links


Link Elements

Links are able to be added to the following layout tags (items used in the drag and drop interface):

  • Title
  • Image
  • More

When any of these items are present in the module and the link behaviour has been set to anything other than none then a link with it's corresponding behaviour will be attached to that item.


Linking to content items.

This option is perhaps the most straight forward link type option and especially if you are using Joomla or K2 as content sources.


Linking to content items when using Joomla or K2 as a source.

If you are using Joomla or K2 as source for your content items then any of the links applied in the module will link directly the Joomla content item or K2 item that is being displayed in the module.


Linking to content items when using images as a source

It is possible to also link directly to content items when using images as a source in the module, however the external link option (see below) is a much easier way of managing links to content items when using images as a source.

For a detailed overview of how to implement the content item link option when using images as a source please read the indepth explanation here.


Using Joomla 2.5 content links

article LinkA

This option is only available as an option to Joomla 2.5+ users and is perhaps more of a sub option when selecting the content item as the link behaviour and also using Jooml as the content source.

Joomla 2.5 has the potential to attach a number of links to each article that does not appear in the body of a content item but appears in a template derived area in the content article view.

When selected in the Zentools module all links in the module will use the alternate link as the link source.


Enabling content links in Joomla 2.5

In most instances this feature will already be enabled but in case it isn't here are the steps to do so.

1. Navigate to the article manager and click on the options icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Link Options


2. Enable front end images and links and administrator images and link options.

enabling links

Adding links to content items

Once this option has been enabled it is now possible to specify extra links for your content items.

 Adding links


Now if the article link A option is enabled in the Zentools module the link specified in the Link A panel in the content item will be used for all links for that item.

If you select this option and do not add Link A links for all of your items then the link target for those items without content links will revert to linking to the content item.


Linking to a lightbox

The lightbox link option in the module provides the ability for the user to stay on the page after clicking the title, image or read more element and view the rest of the content in a lightbox that sits above the main content.

When selected the lightbox panel in the module will appear.

 lightbox panel


Using external links

The external link option allows the user to specify any type of link to any type of content on their site. This means that regardless of the content source it is possible to link to any number of internal or external links or even assets like pdfs or audio files.

The links are simply added to the text area provided as shown below. After adding each link simply press the return or enter key so that eacj link sits on a new line. 

* Please ensure that these links are absolute urls (contain http://) 

links external

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