The Zentools module uses a slick drag and drop interface for determining which elements you need to load on the page. 

The available elements depends on the content source you use eg - images from a folder, content or k2. The elements populate dynamically according to this selection.

Populating the module with content elements

In order to determine which elements display on the page you simply need to drag an item from the available items list to the list above. This element will then be displayed in the module on the front end of your site based on the order you have nominated.


Reordering elements

To reorder the elements simply drag and drop the elements into their new order. 



Dynamically populating module settings

Once you have added new items to the list any relevant setting panels will be dynamically added to the list of options available in the module parameters below. Similarly, if you remove an item from the list then any relevant settings will be hidden from view.


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