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The Zentools carousel is a responsive carousel that scales to suit the width of your page. You can create any number of types of carousels using images, item text, titles and more.

Carousel Features

  • Responsive: responds to the width of your page (resize your browser to see)
  • Display unlimited images from a folder, Joomla or K2 content.
  • Determine the base width of the carousel item
  • Determine the minimum number of items to display in a carousel at one time.
  • When the page is resized the current item is returned to the visible part of the carousel.
  • Based on the elastislide carousel script.

A simple image carousel with rounded shadows

The shadow example below is another implementation of css3 to generate a subtle shadow effect on the image. The relevant css is .zenshadow img.

The carousel is displaying a selection of images loaded from a folder. Displaying a minimum of 3 items in the visible carousel area.


Carousel using the boxed theme

A simple carousel that has the boxed style applied to it. For optimum results using this theme you need to ensure that the image is the first tag in the template layout and that the image does not have an image style applied to it.

Carousel using an overlay and rounded images

This is an example of the carousel with the overlay enabled.


A carousel using only images with a minimum of 6 items

A simple border applied to the images. The relevant css is .zenborder img.

The images in the carousel below are being referenced directly from a folder specified in the module settings.

Displaying a minimum of 6 items in the visible carousel area.

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